Priorities for Westchester

From Yonkers to Bedford, from White Plains to the Sound Shore, Shelley knows the 37th Senatorial District.  She stands for Westchester values and works to protect all of Westchester’s citizens.

+ Clean up Albany's Culture of Corruption

Shelley has never been afraid to stand up to corruption, even if it meant taking on members of her own party. As Counsel to the State Senate Democrats, Shelley was the architect of an unprecedented legal effort to expel disgraced Senator Hiram Monserrate from office after he was convicted of domestic violence. As a State Assemblymember, Shelley led the Reform Caucus and was one of the first members to call on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to resign when he was indicted on corruption charges. More recently, she helped pass a law to strip the pensions of public officials who violate the public trust and fighting for legislation that cracks down on politicians who use their offices for private gain.

+ Support the Property Tax Cap to Protect Taxpayers

The new Trump tax plan will burden Westchester’s residents – who already pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation. As State Senator, Shelley stands with the Governor to fight back against Trump’s assault on New Yorkers by supporting the New York State Taxpayer Protection Act. She is working with local leaders to promote shared services and other cost-saving measures. Shelley has voted for and passed two major tax cuts in the past five years. As State Senator, she prioritized bills to support our local municipalities and provide relief to Westchester tax payers.

+ Stand up to the NRA to pass stronger gun safety laws

Shelley has stood up to the NRA to pass the NY Safe Act, one of the toughest gun laws in the nation which requires stricter background checks, bans assault weapons, and cracks down on out-of-state gun dealers in New York. In the State Senate, she stood up to Republican roadblocks for common sense legislation and will continue fighting. Our nation demand action on gun safety, and Shelley is committed to breaking the NRA’s stranglehold on our State Senate.

+ Reform Outdated Sexual Harassment Laws and Defend Womens Rights

Shelley has spent her career standing up for gender equality, women’s access to healthcare, equal pay, and an end to sexual harassment and abuse. In the Senate, she is working to end the Senate Republicans’ years-long roadblock on critical legislation including the Reproductive Health Act and the Child Victims Act. Shelley strongly supports Governor Cuomo’s proposed reforms to prevent sexual harassment and better protect victims. As Senator, Shelley is the prime sponsor of a bill to require independent outside investigation of every sexual harassment complaint by any legislative staff.

+ Deliver Fair Funding for all our Schools

Shelley is a lifelong advocate for quality public education, delivering record funding for local schools as an Assemblymember and securing over half a billion dollars for school construction and renovation. As State Senator, she is working to ensure that Westchester schools get their fair share, standing strong against the misuse and overuse of standardized testing, and protecting the rights of parents to have a say in their children’s schools.

+ Address Climate Change and Flooding

With Westchester located between the Hudson River and the Sound shore coastline, we are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – from increased flooding to wind damage from major storms. Shelley has been a vigorous advocate for the protection of our environment, cosponsoring a bill that prohibited oil barges from anchoring in the Hudson River and securing $3 million for flood mitigation aid after Hurricane Sandy. Shelley also believes that climate change denial is a hurting our future and supported Climate and Community Protection Act, a bill that would help put New York on track to minimize the adverse impacts of climate change through a reduction in statewide greenhouse gas emissions and improve the capacity of the state to respond to the impacts and risks of climate change.

+ Combat the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid crisis is one of the most serious problems facing Westchester and New York State. While in the Assembly, Shelley sponsored legislation that makes naloxone, a life-saving drug that stops opioid overdoses, more easily available. The law requires any pharmacy with 20 or more locations to pursue or maintain a standing order to disperse naloxone or to register with the NYS Department of Health as an Opioid Overdose Prevention Program. Signed into law in 2016 by Governor Cuomo, it ensures that more pharmacists will be trained in administering naloxone. In the State Senate, Shelley continues to advocate for programs that support those battling addiction, and resources that crack down on the prevalence of opioids in Westchester and across New York.