Why I'm Running


Standing Up for Westchester Values.

I was born and raised in Westchester County by parents who instilled in me the importance of public service and its potential to create meaningful change in people’s lives and in our communities. I began my career in private practice, and transitioned to public service, first as an Assistant Attorney General, then as Chief Counsel to the New York State Senate Democrats, and currently, as the New York State Assembly member for the 90th Assembly District, here in Westchester. It is where my husband and I were happy to raise our three children.

Westchester County has always been a place of opportunity, fairness, inclusion, and home to a diverse citizenry.  As a lifelong resident of Westchester with decades of experience in public service and the private sector, I pride myself on having dedicated my career to making these values work for Westchester families, protecting seniors, children and taxpayers.  In my role as Chief Counsel to the NYS Senate Democrats, I fought against domestic violence and expanded protections for survivors. In the New York State Assembly, I was able to deliver record school funding. I secured critical reforms of large pharmaceutical companies to provide better tools to fight opioid abuse.  And, I delivered critical reforms in the NYS Assembly.

But these values that have protected us and moved us forward as a community are under attack. Washington’s rhetoric of divisiveness is an assault on us all, and I remain as ready as ever to fight back and to lead.

Furthermore, we need a strong and united Democratic majority in the New York State Senate to improve New Yorkers’ lives and deliver on the policies we care about:

  • Strongly supporting the property tax cap to protect taxpayers
  • Standing up to the NRA to push stronger gun safety laws
  • Delivering full funding to our schools
  • Reforming outdated sexual harassment laws and defending women’s rights
  • Passing tougher ethics and anti-corruption laws to clean up Albany
  • Addressing climate change and persistent flooding

We know that Republicans looking to push forward the policies of this White House will do everything they can to try to take this seat. We cannot let that happen – there is simply too much at stake. We need a State Senator with the experience and integrity to effectively fight back. I’ve served in public office; I know what’s important to Westchester residents, and I know how to get things done. With your support, I look forward to representing all the communities and families of the 37th Senatorial District.